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Since our last blog, we have interviewed Eric’s doctor in Boston.  It went awesome!  We got a lot of information about Eric’s condition through a medical perspective and different facts about epilepsy.  Dr. Thiele was awesome with describing what happens in a seizure and the different experiences people have during a seizure.  Today, we took pictures of Eric for the posters and that went pretty well.  The girls doing the poster seemed pleased with the pictures and seemed happy to start their posters.

Mango Crew

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It’s been a while since we’ve blogged last because we have been busy getting footage and editing.  We went to Peter Klow’s graduation at the Old Country Buffet and got some good B roll.  We also went to Eric’s house and filmed Eric and his friend Sean Tobin hanging out and playing video games together, then got shots of Eric waking up and going through his morning routine with his mom and the bus picking him up for school.    We filmed some great interviews with Mr. Curly, Mr. Ferro, and Harry Berkland.  Unfortunately we have to reinterview the three because we have a new black felt background that we would like to use to keep the shots uniform.

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Second Blog

This is our second blog. So far we have interviewed the parents at a professional photograph studio. S/o to Stacy Murphy Photography. Then we interview Mitch Mortali. Now were scanning pictures of Eric as a child. Sorry this blog is so brief, we are borrowing a computer temporarily until we have to go to a different area code to access our computers. We also have racked up exactly zero music triv points. Still better looking than you. Humbly, Mango


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So… Yeah.

Welcome to *fill in movie name for Eric Folan’s documentary*.  Our names are Adam Quinlan and Caroline Feeley, and we are directing this film.  Our Assistant Director is Kayla Flynn.  We are excited to begin the process of telling Eric Folan’s story.  He is a student here at Walpole High School suffering from Epilepsy.  He is an animated person who is open to share his life with all of us.  His story is fascinating and the obstacles he faces on a daily basis are significant.

Eric’s documentary will be presented as “a day in the life” format, starting with him waking up and ending with him going to bed.  We are starting interviews tonight with the Folan family.

We are dealing with some tough and sensitive aspects of Eric’s life, and we hope to portray his reality appropriately.

Welcome to the greatest crew to ever step foot in Walpole High School.

…and the best looking.