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It’s been a while since we’ve blogged last because we have been busy getting footage and editing.  We went to Peter Klow’s graduation at the Old Country Buffet and got some good B roll.  We also went to Eric’s house and filmed Eric and his friend Sean Tobin hanging out and playing video games together, then got shots of Eric waking up and going through his morning routine with his mom and the bus picking him up for school.    We filmed some great interviews with Mr. Curly, Mr. Ferro, and Harry Berkland.  Unfortunately we have to reinterview the three because we have a new black felt background that we would like to use to keep the shots uniform.

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going to be the most hart touching film festival story

u have seen a lot of documentaries over the year but nothing as  touching as this one i mite see some tears it is so toching  but its based on a true so if u cry its ok.  if we don’t get a award its fine caus the only thing better then gettng award is getting people to know me better.  i hope this helps


your friends at mango

-eric folan


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