Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Film Festival.  Winning Best Picture is something I hope Eric never forgets.  I hope everybody took something away from the movie.

It is important to note that as much as Eric taught me about his life, he taught me more about myself than anything else.

We are toying with the idea of submitting the story to various TV outlets.

Eric and I are also planning to start a Youtube channel so be on the lookout for that.

So this is it.  Walpole Film Festival 2014 comes to a close, as does my high school career.

Bitter sweet.

-Adam Quinlan

The end :-(

Today is a sad day. The end of an era. Although I’m currently crying while writing this because I don’t want this year to end, it has been an amazing experience. Thank you everyone who watched A Day in the Life and I hope everyone enjoyed it! These day two years have been memorable for me and I don’t wanna leave. Ever.  I’m kinda at a loss for words because it’s difficult for me to pinpoint specific moments since everyday was a new and fun experience.  Everyone in the film program is awesome and I’m so happy that had the opportunity to annoy all of you.



Winding Down!

Only three more days left for the seniors!  I know I’m gonna miss walking into film and seeing my friends, new and old, pretty much everyday.  I’ll miss when Peter comes out of no where and sings Fancy by Iggy to me and dances.  I’m truly honored to have been apart of the Mango crew.  Although I was not there from the beginning, I’m happy they let me into the crew so last minute.  Eric’s documentary is very inspiring and I’m thankful to not only meet him, but be able to work with him in a class I know he loves.  Adam and Lina are amazing directors and worked extremely hard on this film and I’m proud to have been able to walk up with them to receive the award for Best Picture.  Gonna miss Alan and the class but will try to visit next year!

Best of luck to everyone next year, 


Double bunny ears.... Impressive.
Double bunny ears…. Impressive.

We have officially finished all of the filming that we need to do for our documentary!!  Last night we filmed Eric working out at the Vanderbilt Club with his dad and Sean Tobin, then asked Eric and his parents a few more questions at their house.  As for the week and Monday&Tuesday of next, we have to finish editing the sequences together, clean the audio, and put in the music (made by Brian Hazerjian & Caroline Falvey).  SO CLOSE!!!!


Mango Crew

“Doing What’s Best For Business”


We filmed at Eric’s on Sunday night filming Eric going to bed and Mango playing Red Sox monopoly.  Lina won monopoly with the most money.  Eric was “doing what’s best for business” by constantly bargaining with everyone for better players.  We filmed Eric’s mother arranging his pills and Eric getting ready for bed.  We are getting closer and closer to April 1st but things seem to be coming along nicely.



now april. o boy


Photo on 2014-03-11 at 13.08

we are getting work done here at mango but we still have a lot to do BUT the new dew date is april mr alian told us. all us at mango wish it was dew later but life is not fair some time.


mango crew


also comeing up is the first ever  mango monepley game witch mango will win even i dont know.  i have plan but thats all i can say for now.

mango crew